Why Your Story Matters

Every culture has their own stories. Even humans have stories. Different events and experiences of the lives of human beings are chapters of their stories. This is what makes a human being a human. Personal stories come naturally just like how a person breathes. It is natural for people to tell, share, and listen to stories. Stories are fundamental to human cognition and communication. The stories and the lives of women as told in Carol Wilson-Mack’s Patchwork are everything. Patchwork encourages people to share their stories through conversations. Stories and conversations are what connects each one of us together.

Everyone has a story, and everyone’s story matters. Plenty of people would shy away from sharing their stories. Reasons can be that their story is a hard and difficult one to share. Whether or not it is a happy story, your story matters. However, why does your story even matter?

Your Story Matters Because It Can Be Someone’s Inspiration

Stories have a particular effect on mankind. Storytelling allows you to draw other people into your experiences. These people can learn from these stories. Hence, your story must be shared to impact others. It does not have to be an epic tale, your story will matter. There are significant lessons in the stories that may inspire and help others. Your story may even unlock healing and passion for someone else. It might seem that you cannot offer much wisdom to others and the society with your story. However, this is just a mere belief. There are hidden diamonds in your story that you must dig deep to find. You will first need to discover what the impact of your story is towards you. Uncover this and you will see that you actually have so much to offer. This story of yours must be shared, not told. Sharing entails that you have a goal to make a positive change, inspire, and influence people with your story. Telling merely means to speak of a story without hopes of inspiring others. Remember, you share stories to inspire.

Your Story Matters Because You Also Matter

Some have difficult stories that they wish not to tell. And some don’t feel that their stories don’t matter. In fact, our stories are everything, whether you are a prominent personality or a simple working person. Despite the diversity in color, race, gender, and the path you have taken, your story will always matter because you matter. Your strengths, weaknesses, triumphs, and failures are encompassed in your story. Most people are reluctant in sharing their stories. To be judged by others can be petrifying. Judging is much easier to do more than taking the time to invest and learn the stories of others. Judgment can cause a person to question their importance in the world. Nonetheless, you will always matter. Nobody is perfect. However, everybody is worth it. You are brought to the world for plenty of reasons you may not have knowledge right now. Thus, your story is worth telling.

Your Story Matters Because It Tells A Lot About You

Stories can tell a lot about you, your personality, your character, and so much more. The story of your life can be your cultural tale. Your personal story will not only describe your life, this will define it. This story you wish to share will do more than just re-telling events of your life, but also set the stage to what will happen to you. Your life story will dictate how you may respond to the challenges that may come and how you appreciate things. The story of your life will provide you with a greater sense of seeing things differently and clearly. You will know who you truly are, your value, your place in life, and your contributions to the world.

Your Story Matters Because It is Unique

Similar to how you are a unique human being, your story is also unique. The paths and directions you have taken ever since your childhood makes you different from the rest of the stories. You are your own art. The story of your life is definitely uniquely your own and no one can tell it better the way you will. You have your own voice, your own mind, and your own vision. No one has your dreams, fears, strengths, weaknesses, and experiences.