The Significance of Connecting Generations 

When we walk the streets, go to church, go to work, or even in our own homes, we are faced with people from various generations. Currently there are five generational factions but as the years will progress, more generations will come. It is of utmost importance to connect with the varying generations. Similar to Carol Wilson-Mack’s biographical book, Patchwork, women from different generations get together through quilting providing them opportunity to connect and patchwork inspiring stories. The book shows not only the importance of conversations but also the inter-generational connection and the impact it brings. Patchwork encourages readers to bridge the gap of generations through conversations and activities designed to foster inter-generational relationships.

Every generation brings gifts, knowledge, and wisdom. By nurturing generational connections, the aforementioned are shared and distributed to each generation. The young and the old are somewhat related with the essence of living. Each generation has a different rhythm. Not limiting ourselves to connecting only with our generation, but also opening the possibility of doing so with other generations, makes us more human. There are a lot of significant reasons as to why generational connections are vital to us.

Connecting Generations Allows Us to Understand

Disagreements and quarrels between generations are inevitable. This ensues due to the gap, influences, and differences in the upbringing of a certain generation. There are generations that tend to be more conservative. And there are generations that are more open-minded and unconventional. This difference results in a generational gap. Topics that cause this gap are varied and wide-ranging. It can be due to politics, sexuality, actions, beliefs, and culture. This gap will cause a rift between generations which can be hard to bridge. However, when we foster and nurture inter-generational connections through conversations and other activities, this allows us to better perceive others. Expect respect when you respect and understand another person’s generational values. The key to better understanding is to open our eyes, minds, and hearts during these interactions. Just like in patchwork activity, we sew in together life stories, wisdom, and knowledge and as a result creates a larger piece of material we can call as understanding.

Connecting Generations Breaks All Barriers

Unconsciously, we create barriers towards other generations. We involuntarily build a huge wall thinking that this will protect us from the spiteful eyes of other generations. The differences of values and beliefs plays a huge role in the separation of ages. This wall creates a rift. We must find ways to break all the walls and barriers to bring us together. Connecting generations means breaking all barriers and instead building bridges. Bridging generations together allows us to break the barriers that sets us apart from one another. In order for us to break this barrier, purposeful communication and interactive activities must be done. Through learning and engagement to other generations, we can explore new possibilities from their roles and values. Each generation must be adaptable in the ways of another generation. By breaking all barriers, we open ourselves to learning from one another.

Connecting Generations Makes a Healthier Community

Connecting older generations to younger generations, allows us to achieve a peaceful, harmonious, and healthier community. A healthier community means there will be better quality of life for people of all ages for all time. Improve the standing of different ages in the community by not condoning them, but rather nurturing them to build relationships and bring forth inter-generational connections. Through connecting generations, old and young alike can work and live hand-in-hand supporting each other. For instance, an elder has wisdom that children do not have. But through communication and bridging, that absent element will be filled in by the elders. Thus, creating a harmonious way of living. Diverse ages can bring in different knowledge on the table. Elders can be great teachers. Adults can be wise people. And children can be sources of happiness.

Connecting Generations Provides Awareness

Each generation has their own knowledge on certain aspects. Just like how a certain generation has more knowledge about a particular topic compared to another generation. For instance, elders know how to handle a crying baby compared to first time parents. This is because of their acquired knowledge. Older generations have been in the world longer than the younger generations. They have walked almost all paths and have faced all challenges that the younger ones have not encountered yet. The knowledge and wisdom they have acquired throughout their lifetime can provide awareness to the younger generations. The same goes to younger generations, they can provide older generations knowledge on how to handle and use new technologies that they may have not encountered in the past. By connecting generations, we will be aware of our differences and be able to fill in the void of awareness that other generations do not have.