The Meeting

“There is no greater way to serve your creator, than by serving each other. No greater way to love, then to serve.”

Hello, fellow servers, thank you for responding to my invitation. My name is Rim Frame, and I greet you all in the presence of our creator, for he said where two or three are gathered in my name, there I am in their midst, he is here. I have contemplated this gathering for a long time, and have prayed asking him for guidance, and asking God to touch the hearts of those that are needed to fulfill this task.

All of you who are here has responded, therefore I believe that all of us are what is needed to complete my vision. I hope you will enjoy your role in creating this vision. Yes he is here  for I asked in his name prior to reaching out to all of you, so  rest assured he is here. My hopes for you all is that you will  too will be happy that you responded, and that we look forward  to the success in our coming together.

I asked you here, in an effort to share my idea, and maybe create a plan that will orchestrate a greater good for all of us. I believe that you have already demonstrated much interest, just by being here.

I, Frame was made by an idle human who was just making  something, he thought, than he just left me there on a shelf, gathering dust. I decided to take matters into my own hands, by inviting you guys for I realized that we are all so much better when we can come together in unisom for a common good. I observed the man who crafted me, and sat me on a dusty shelf, as he gazed from his window, and squinted from the sunlight. I know that I am a beautiful piece of metal, solid, but being just that, me, Frame, looking good, but feeling empty, not fulfilling my God given duty of service to mankind. I then requested assistance from God, asking him to provide me with what would be needed to complete my desire, my vision, and here we are. So it may not be by coincidence that we have come together, it maybe by divine purpose but what good am I doing all alone? So I thought what if I have…?

Lens interrupted What if you had lens right? Yes, I hear you. My name is Lens and surely I could be inserted into your frames, however I would need some color and or some kind of dark shading, where mankind would not have to squint from the sunlight. Well, you would need two lenses since humans have two eyes…

That’s my cue, my name is Bridge and I am able to join your lens together. However I am metal so I don’t want to bring any discomfort since I rest on the human’s nose…

Pads interrupting, Aw I am pads for the nose, not to worry I can alleviate any discomfort. Frames you guys are really coming through, I am so excited, but how will we ever hold everything together, and keep them upon the face?

My name is End Pieces; I can connect with you Lenses and with you Temple arms, and Together we can reach over the human’s temple area. Temple arms fit over the human’s temples and over the ears to allow for a snug fit.

I am Screws, I am small but I play a big part, I keep the sunglasses hinges together, and make it possible for ease of movement.

Speaking of ease of movement I am between end pieces and temples, my name is Hinge, and I allow humans to close their beautiful sunglasses by folding temples inward.

Frame you see, I was just sitting on the shelf gathering dust, got this idea to do something that would benefit my crafter, summoned you all and you all came through big time!

Well, I am a beautiful bridge but I was not fulfilling my good purpose, I was just looking beautiful, but what good is looking beautiful, when no one is seeing you but you? Now I have connected with a beautiful group of artifacts, and look what we have done, by coming together? Yes we have created one of the most beautiful pair of sunglasses ever! Don’t you just love it when a purposeful plan comes together?