Let’s Talk

The words, ‘may we talk?’, and or ‘we got to talk!’ may send thoughts of dred through our being. The words will most especially pierce our sensitive side when the question is clothed in a curt cloud, or with a sharp exclamation point!   

I think we should welcome an opportunity to interact with others verbally . There will be times when we will be prompted to talk with someone whom we may not wish to interact with. Regardless, talking invites conversation, it gives us a chance to exchange our ideas. It will opens a door for sharing, that may lead to a better understanding a strained situation.

Often  times couples will become annoyed with each other and rather than talking, they become silent, and neither is willing to start and or contribute to the conversation. They deliberately avoid each other physically, thereby also avoiding a solving of the disagreement and or perceived problem that has them in the current predicament.

I say this is the time to talk. How will you ever begin to resolve your differences if you are unwilling  to discuss, to share your understanding and or misunderstandings?,  and or your perspective of the particular situation?

I believe that if you engage, talk, interact you will be exerting the effort that is needed to the solution to your differences.

You will find that action is always required. You will approach the situation, remembering that this is an individual who I care about, one whom I will give the effort to maintain, and bring a smooth loving resolution to our challenge.

Always remembering that “Faith without action is dead” We  must do something to contribute to the resolution.

So what if I don’t want to you may ask? Well even if you don’t want to, you will still need to share that change of heart, that idea of not wanting to, it too must be shared through conversation.

Our conversation should be soft, honest, and truthful. If it causes pain we may regret the immediate pain, but to prolong pain, leads to even more long term pain, so love, honesty must be remembered when conversing in difficult situations, however the conversation will need to  happen.

We owe this to ourselves, our friends, our business partners, and our customers In other words  keep the conversations going as we say today, but always keep it honest.