Importance of Telling Your Story

Every person has his own truth. Perhaps his might not be the same as yours, but that is normal because people go through different challenges every day. Imagine keeping all kinds of emotions and experiences to yourself for the longest of time because you thought that nobody can understand you? You can now stop overthinking because literature will surely encourage you to tell your story.

Patchwork: Conversations Between Generations by Carol Wilson-Mack is an example of how sharing and listening can create a great impact in your life. The encourages women from the suburbs of Bamberg, South Carolina to find a way to communicate with one another, share their tales, and close the generation gap that they have. This book is truly inspiring and motivating you to start speaking up and communicating with people in your preferred way.

All you need to do is to get the best mediums for writing and let your wounds bleed and your heart pour. Telling your story to the world is as important as living. Without an avenue to share, you might explode or be trapped in the darkest corners of yourself. Hence, always try to tell your tale in any means that you can. If you want to get a better grasp on the essence of sharing your story, here’s what you need to know.

Express yourself

Self-expression is one of the most underrated activities in this day and age. You might think that there are more important things to do than expressing yourself; but, you wrong. Being able to speak up your mind and heart brings you peace and happiness that you never thought you needed. Slowly communicating your thoughts and emotions to your family, friend, and etc. can definitely help you live without worries and fear. Sharing these things can also help you close a chapter from the past, heal your wounds, and become happier.

Inspire others

Your story of pain, bravery, happiness, and learning can inspire others, which made storytelling more essential. The experiences and emotions that you have poured into your journal or shared to others have the ability to encourage others to do the same. From the inspiration that has ignited from your story, you and others can see new opportunities by enabling yourself to surpass your normal experiences and limitations. This inspiration can also push others to pave their way to success after hearing how you’ve overcome your struggles and difficulties.

Let go of the baggage

One of the most important parts of telling your story is letting of the baggage in your heart. These things that are making your heart heavy might have existed since childhood, which is really a long time from today. Through sharing your story, you can be free from the burden that has been dragging you down and keeping your confidence low for so long. Those experiences that brought horror, wounds and fear to your life will slowly start to fade. What will replace those horrible things are happiness, contentment, and comfort. That will surely help you be free and live to the fullest.

Develop into a better person

Do you know why it is important to tell your story and why your story matters? It is because it can make a difference not just in your life but also in other people’s lives. The more you open yourself up to your trusted people, the more you release the weight in your heart. You can also start to assess what went wrong and what parts of you that you should improve. Hence, you will start to become a better person and be an inspiration to others. All you need is to get all the courage and will to speak your truth with all honesty and sincerity.

Hence, it is indeed vital to tell your story because it matters. Do not be afraid of speaking up because you will never know how much impact your thoughts, experiences, and feelings can bring to others. This act will also show you how brave and bold you are for taking the risk and putting your guard down just to be free from the baggage and monsters of your heart and mind.