How Communication Creates a Difference

Perhaps you are wondering how communication can make a difference when it is only about exchanging of information from one entity to another. The relaying and receiving of a data through oral or written method is the most underrated way of creating a difference in this messy world. Communication definitely provides people with a good amount of comfort, a wonderful opportunity to express, and an amazing method of making an impact in one’s life. The changes made with just the mere act of sharing and listening can be transmitted from the current generation to the next.

Because of how integral the role of communication in life is, there are books that were written which highlight the impact conversing, talking, and sharing in people’s lifetime. Patchwork: Conversations Between Generations by Carol Wilson-Mack is a remarkable example of how conversations create not just a good literary work but also betterment on how a person feels and sees the world.

Without further ado, provided below are the aspects that show how communication makes a difference.

Communication can bring a community together

It is undeniable that most of the communities in different parts of the world are having internal problems and issues. Perhaps because of pride and other undesirable factors, the issues are not being solved immediately. The tendency is that a silent war will emerge and the once unified members will form their own subgroups depending on whose side they are taking. But it shouldn’t stay that way because a community lifts each other up instead of bringing one another down. With communication, there’s no problem that cannot be fixed. What is needed is only a mouth to talk and a pair of ears to listen. Slowly, the problem is being talked out and every party understands the points of one another. Thus, making every member of the community united once again.

Communication can create and mend relationships

Broken relationships, scarred friendships, business connections, and other types of bonds can be both made and mended by communication. Sometimes words become the most dangerous weapon. Whether they are utilized through written or oral communication, one must watch their words; because, you don’t know the silent battles that people are facing every day. You must be sensitive when you talk to others in order to keep a relationship and nurture it. Also, do not forget to lend your ears because sometimes others will only want you to listen instead of talking. Furthermore, when you continue communicating with people, you’ll never know how many new bonds you can create and past connections you can reconnect.

Communication can prevent the rise of problems

Miscommunication is the common root of problems. There are indeed a couple of times that you forget to listen to what people are expressing, because you are too busy sharing your thoughts. The tendency is that the other party becomes disappointed and offended for not being heard or both of you will have a clash of ideas because you are missing each other’s points. It shouldn’t be that way. Communication is a give and take relationship, and it cannot create a difference if it isn’t nurtured in the proper way. When you give the other party a chance to talk while you listen and likewise, there wouldn’t be problems and miscommunications.

Communication can calm the chaos

There is already enough chaos in the world. Poverty, hunger, illiteracy, death, accidents, malnutrition, and racism are among the problems that have been infiltrating the planet. The outbreak and conquering of the pandemic today is already adding fuel to the fire. These are the macro issues that need to be solved no matter how long it takes. But when you adjust your view, there are indeed micro problems that are circulating in one’s life daily. These are in the form of arguments, quarrels, debates, disagreements, and silent treatments; and, there’s only one solution to them which is communication. When people communicate, it will slowly calm the chaos. When everybody gives one another time to speak and listen, there wouldn’t be that much of a problem today.

Communication is truly a wonderful thing. As simple as it is, the giving and receiving of information from one point to another can create a big impact on everyone’s life. The more it is given importance, the more it can make a difference.