Essential Tips to Jump-start Your Literary Career

Patchwork: Conversations Between Generations is a highly praised book by author Carol Wilson-Mack. Published in July 2020, this book tells an interesting story of women born from different generations who have bonded through quilting. The book has received admiration from its readers due to its healing and relatable storyline. Even if this has only been recently published it has received praises for how amazing the novel is.

Every amazing book an incredible author is behind it. This author along his or her genius and creative mind develops this story. It is the author’s passion to write and tell stories that can touch and entertain a wide range of readers. Becoming an author does not necessarily mean to make money, however, this can be a motivation but it is not what becoming an author is. Almost all authors write novels to express themselves, educate, or share a story that people might be interested in.

Author Carol Wilson-Mack graduated from The Long Ridge Writers Group. She has produced plays, stage plays, and screenplays. Her background has boosted her way to becoming an astounding author. However, no degree is required to become one. Anyone can become an author. All an aspiring author needs is the passion and determination. Nonetheless, becoming one is not an easy path, there are things to consider. In this article, essential tips are discussed to help you jump-start the journey to becoming an incredible author.

Determine Your Purpose 

Everything and anything came to be for a purpose. Even writing a book has a purpose. The same goes in becoming an author. Having a purpose in mind makes it easier for you to start your writing career. Ask yourself ,“What is your purpose?” This purpose will push you to start your book and continue on in the journey of becoming an author. Will your purpose be to reach out to people or to simply empower them. No matter what it is, it will always be a viable one. Purpose is the greatest motivator a person can have. No matter how many times you fall, with a purpose, you will pick yourself up to achieve that purpose. This purpose will give you a reason to always move forward.

Write What You Love

If you are to ask an author for writing advice, they will say one thing in common. Write what you love to read. Every author struggles in starting their books. How much more the first book you will write. The inability to write your book arises from your lack of idea or inspiration. To get out of that hindrance, write a book about what you love and like or what you want to read. When you are passionate over something or simply knowledgeable of it, there will be no space for a writer’s block. This will be your strength and will set you apart from other authors. Writing about subjects that you love to read, one will be totally immersed and lose him or herself to what they are writing. Your passion makes your book authentic and diverse. 

Never Fear Failure

Success doesn’t happen overnight. It also does not happen in one try. You have to keep picking yourself up and continue your literary journey. Conquer your fear of failure. This fear will hinder you from doing great things. The author journey is not an easy path. Every author faced rejection and received bad reviews of their works. This will not only happen once but also numerous times. You will be faced more about disappointment than success. However, do not let this stop you from starting your career. Failure and rejection are simply pit stops of your journey. Take rejection and failure as a learning opportunity that will help you improve and reach your goal. Ignore, disregard, and squash your fears and self-doubts.

Read and Research

It is important to continue on reading and doing research when you start a writing career. Reading and Researching is a learning process. Through this, you will never be stuck in an idea. This provides you with fresh perspectives and ideas on certain topics that you might tackle in your book. Yes, you may be writing about what you love but reading more and researching about it provides you in-depth and more knowledge of the topic. This will further build your characters and plot. With reading and research, readers can sink in and immerse with the world you have created. Research is not limited to sourcing books. Research can happen from traveling, watching, or personal experience.

Enjoy What You Are Doing

To become a successful and prolific author, one fundamental thing you need is to enjoy what you are doing. It should be your passion and not something someone wants for you. Passion is the burning sensation we feel deep within us. With passion, it motivates you and provides a positive impact to your work. Do not become an author for money and fame. But rather an author who is passionate and aims to impart lessons and values to readers. Be an author that expresses yourself and inspires other people. Being an author should not be a mere career to you but a commitment to the arts and passion. Further cultivate that intensive passion and desire for writing.