Be Good To Me

     “Dim the lights! Get set and Action!!!” The Director’s voice boomed as the elegantly beautiful

 sunglasses fluttered onto the beautiful Sunglass Theater’s stage.  She gracefully shook off the raindrops,

 took her position, and gazed though her lenses and began to speak to her beloved audience.

     “Good evening ladies and gentleman,” she spoke elegantly.

     “Welcome to the Grand Sunglass Theater It is my good pleasure to be with, you and I thank you for

 sharing your evening with me; despite the raindrops outside, you came because you like I, know that

we were destined to meet, rain or shine! Please give yourselves a hand.”

The audience responded with applauds. Her speech continues.

      “I am so grateful to have been chosen, from among Mr. Waverly’s more than two hundred

 Entries, to  be the number one beauty, in the sunglass world. What an honor!

      “So let me introduce me, yes me!” She pivots, to allow the audience to see her from every angle.

     “Yes me just look at me, take a good look! I want you to bask in my

beauty and this is my one woman show. I take great pleasure in sharing with you my

 great audience and without a doubt, future clients, for how can you resist me?”

The audience explodes in laughter and some hand clapping as she continues.

      “I am sure you are able to see why I was chosen, so I would like to share with you, steps you may

take to assure that I receive ultimate care, for you humans need all the help you can get, to assist in the

accommodation of your busy lives. So let’s say that I am here to help, as I look out for myself, and the

maintenance of my beauty and long gevity. You see, beauties like to remain beautiful. You know you

 humans have many beauties of your own. I assure you that my creation was timely. I am just in time to

join the group of larger sunglasses; I stand here on this stage in great honor as I endearingly look

forward to perching myself upon the most beautiful and or handsome of faces! I am so excited!

As you look at me, I am sure that you will agree that I am enroute to sitting myself upon a most

 precious nose, be it male or female. Those who choose me, will instantly be more beautiful, and he

 will become more handsome. She as she step and he as he strolls, I have that effect on people.

because my debut is just at the time when the sunglasses were going larger, look, there is more of me to

Love, to be displayed on those beautiful and handsome faces.

     I have been put together by a masterful craftsman. I am created with the best of care. I have in each

 of my parts the love and devotion that is given when crafted in human love and devotion.  You see, love

 is a most necessary ingredient, when you do anything. My craftsman loves his work, that’s why I came

out looking so divine. Look at my beautiful circular lens; aren’t they inviting you to want to put me on?

 Circulars fit any shaped face, eyeballs are round, why shouldn’t lens be round; they allow those

 precious eyes to gaze from within. As you walk the street in the brilliant sunlight others will do double

 takes, some will stop and stare, not so much at you, but at me, just kidding, we can share a stare.”

The audience again burst into laughter, as the sunglasses continue to speak.

     “Now may I tell you what I need from you? First and foremost, I need you to always place me in my

 case, when you remove me from your face, and when doing so, I demand that you use both hands, I

 want my hinges to stay as well as they can for my lifetime. I serve you well, don’t you think I

deserve care?  I provide you with protection from the sun and or even from people sometimes right?

Oh you know that you avoid eye contact with some people, and I help you do that, so own it! And

humans, whatever you do, do not clean my lens with tissue, please use the lens cleaner that the

 optometrist provided, and do you mind cleaning me more often? I like to be clear, so that I can provide

 you with the best that I can give. Please don’t allow me to have unclean lens, and never place me lens

 down, for you will scratch me, and ouch, I hate to be scratched, you see unlike you, I don’t

itch. Scratches blur my vision, as I need to see! scratches are one of my greatest fears!

Humans, why do you treat me so bad? I serve you well, so please treat me better. I promise you

without a doubt, I’ll be good to you! I don’t sing but I can plead with you, dear humans with the words

from one of the songs from one of your talented humans Ms. Tina Turner,

I channel the words of Ms. Turner:

“A prisoner of your love, entangled in your web, hot whispers in the night, I’m captured by your spell, oh

 yes I’m touched by this show of emotion, should I be fractured by your lack of devotion should I,

should I? You better be good to me, that’s how its gotta be be good to me, I really don’t see, why it’s so

 hard to be good to me, you know I don’t understand what’s your plan that you can’t be good to me.

 When I’m not clean, I surely cannot see why you can’t be good to me.

Why can’t you be good to me, why can’t you be good to me, why can’t you be good to me, better be

 good to me, be good to me. Thank you”


She fluttered from the stage.

 Carol Wilson-Mack